Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday- Movie Adaptations

I'm linking up to Broke and Bookish for the Top Ten Tuesday! This week's topic is my top ten book to movie adaptations.

Without further ado...

1. A Walk to Remember- Nicholas Sparks has a few books that have been adapted into movies but this is my favorite. Shane West as Landon was exactly as I pictured him, and though I didnt picture Mandy Moore as Jamie, she did a wonderful job in my opinion. The book was quite a bite more raw and emotionally compelling but the movie was still awesome.

2. Runaway Jury- John Grisham is another author that seems to write books for movies. This one was a terrible book, in my opinion, but I loved the movie. Very much. Probably because the plot is only remotely similar between the two.

3. The Client/The Firm/The Pelican Brief- more Grisham novels, but one's that I actually enjoyed the story. This was back when Grisham wrote some amazing quality stuff at a much more in depth, slower read than what he has been writing for the past few years. It didn't hurt to have an all star cast for each of these, but the books themselves were riveting, so of course the movie was as well. With Great acting by actors such as Tommy Lee Jones, Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon, Gene Hackman...

4. Much Ado About Nothing- Many Shakespeare plays are adapted beyond belief, in ways that are only remotely similar to the play. But Kenneth Branaugh did an amazing job and did the play so much justice. It is hilarious, and Benedick and Beatrice spar through the whole movie. Branaugh and his then wife, Emma Thompson, played this leading couple, and they do well together. I really enjoyed it.

5. Little Women - Well written stories about close knit families always have a spot in my heart. This one is one that I love and have loved since before I could read when my mother read it to me. I connect deeply with Jo, the writer, and feel that her personality closely resembles mine. I watch the movie with my family every Christmas as well.

6. P.S. I Love You - I didnt enjoy the book nearly as much as the movie. And I cried forever through the movie. Like, 5 minutes in, I was bawling. I read the book after watching the movie, but i still liked the movie better.

7. The Outsiders - Great book and movie. Its been a long time since I watched the movie or read the book so i need to check that out again.

8. The DaVinci Code/Angels and Demons- I love Dan Brown's writing, and I love all his books. I love Tom Hanks, and he is totally Langdon. These two combined with mystery and mayhem, plus some world traveling and historical tidbits make for an awesome story.

9. Harry Potter - The books are of course better. But anyway! I'm sad the movies are coming to a close.

10. Gone With the Wind - The book is one of my all time favorites. The movie is not amazing, to me, but I really liked the book, and the story line, and the characters, and the description of the South (I'm a Southern Girl through and through), and everything... Ok so I liked the movie. Just not as much as the book.


  1. great choices!! i LOVE much ado about nothing, & the dan brown books/movies :)

  2. Agree - great choices. I particularly love The Notebook & all the HP movies! :)