Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I pledge allegiance to a world of disbelief" Sum 41 - Walking Disaster

Welcome to my life. It is nothing spectacular yet, I'm merely an innocent bystander. That's the problem with most of us, isn't it? We go through the motions everyday, not taking the time to actually enjoy the world around us.

A brief bio on yours truly: I'm a twenty four year old Tennessee girl. I love music, movies, and Corvettes (not necessarily in that order). Singing, dancing, reading, writing, photography, I love it all. I hate working behind a desk, but that seems to be the most available job out there. I had a small wedding in a local historical theatre, and it was so perfect I couldn't ask for anything else. My husband is a huge computer nerd who loves to hike. He's currently an Engineering student.
That's all on that for now.

So today I almost ran my car off a hill today in the middle of town. It was very embarrassing- and completely uncharacteristic of me. Luckily I can classify it as an "almost disaster," and I was able to save my own day. Quite empowering. Also, a reinforcement to always put your emergency brake on and put your car in gear when you park.

Can I just say that the NEW Domino's pizza is really not as good? Am I alone in this opinion? Domino's used to be my favorite pizza place, but now, not so much. I liked the sauce and the crust before this new revamping! I would like for them to change it all back.

I'm unemployed at the moment, so I've been working on getting my life plan in order. I feel like the only person in the world who is searching for something more. I know that isn't true, but it feels like I'm the only person who's not going to settle until I do something about it. I quit my job, with no prospect of another, because I wanted the freedom to figure out where I need to go next without the constrictions of a corporate desk job that drains me of all inspiration and desire to succeed. My desk job seemed designed to suck me into a black hole of unstimulated misery.
I don't even want to think about it any more.
More on a job search later.

Obviously my thoughts today are a bit chaotic.

"Life is about more than salary. Life is about perks... " Michael, The Office

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