Monday, June 28, 2010

~Mind Right Monday~ "...Dance all night, despite the heat it'll be alright" Lovin' Spoonful- Summer in the City

I have taken a bit longer on blogging than I meant to! But I'm back in full swing now I hope.
I dont know how hot you all have been but here it has been so hot and humid! I spent all weekend at the pool. It was quite enjoyable.

Today is Day 1 of a health plan I've decided to undertake on my own. Basically I'm cutting out everything except fresh fruit and veggies, and some healthy organic chicken and some tolerable fish, for three weeks. Then, I will start adding things back in, and see how my body receives it. Some foods seriously make me feel like crap, and I would like to see if I can pinpoint any of these things, and get my health back on track by eating better foods. I'm also definitely taking multi-vitamins to make sure I'm getting everything I need.
I can do anything for 21 days right? Here's hoping. Wish me luck...

Ok so on to Mind Right Monday brought to you through me via Dani at OK, Dan.

Goals for the week...
**Stick with this health plan thing I've got going on
**Do great at my lia sophia show tomorrow
**Clean out my closet
**Get ready for the yard sale to rid myself of all things unnecessary
**Save mucho money from these checks for the trip in September
**Finish Earth Abides
**Start the next book in the stack
**Get a pedi with mom

Grateful for...
*my family
*pools and lakes
*great friends
*summer days and nights filled with fun and laughter
*my car <3
*Geoffrey and Patricia who I will miss very much now that they have moved :(

Ongoing Challenges
~Spending money only on bills, groceries, and gas.
~Get rid of 50 things (25 down- but I'm not stopping at 50)
~Work on my 101ish in 1001 (7 down, 9 in progress, 88 to go!){you can check out my progress here!}
~150 books in 2010 (working on 3!)

Let's get this week rolling!


  1. I love how you keep on being motivated! A much deserved award for motivating me and other as well.

    I have a blog award for you on my blog at

  2. Way to go my dear!!! You're going to accomplish so much. You're all motivated it's GREAT!!