Monday, June 7, 2010

"Monday, Monday... So good to me..." - Mamas and Papas. (Mind Right Monday)

Great idea stolen from Dani (see her answers here) at OK, Dan!

I think this is great for motivation on a Monday, I struggle on Mondays with staying positive! Tee hee. So for Mind Right Monday we just post our goals for the week, and what we are grateful for at the moment.
I'm going to put these on a post-it note and stick it to my monitor to remember it through out the week!

Goals for the week:
**Not injure myself in any way this week.
**Send in application for Teacher Licensure Program
**Do (at least) one of the exercise options per day from 101/1001
**Clean the house a bit. More specifically, sweep and straighten bedroom (top priority for the week)
**Help Patricia with wedding tasks
**Call LeeAnn and Annette to schedule lia sophia shows!

Grateful for:
my poison ivy being almost gone!!!!
this beautiful weather
my own office
losing 2.5 pounds
the new school plans
the husband, as always
my momma (also as always)

Well I feel pretty good right now! Looking forward to the week ahead.
I feel a new anticipation about life now that I am excited about my future again. I don't feel stuck or insignificant. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a new outlook on life. It's about time! I've just been wandering aimlessly for the past three years, trying to decide what to do next and how to prepare for it. No more! Wandering aimlessly is only fun for so long, then you just feel like a loser. Well, I did anyway.

I also kind of just realized that I was supposed to be doing research for a cabin for Thanksgiving. Oops... I started a while back but never really finished. All the good ones are probably gone by now. Just a side note, if you ever see pictures advertising the Smoky Mountains, and think, man, that is so pretty, does it really look that way? The answer is yes, it most definitely does. I love it here!


  1. Great goals and gratefuls!! Thanks for visiting and sharing your mind right monday! It definitely helps make mondays easier to handle :)


  2. You are more ambitious than me. I hate to exercise in the summer, its so hot! That's why I haven't lost 2.5 pounds like you I guess!

  3. It really is a bit hot, but I love walking the pup, so I usually go at 8 or 9 at night. We are lucky to live right next to the park.

    Unfortunately I already failed at goal #1- not injuring myself. Totally fell last night just standing in the yard. Who does that? Me, apparently...