Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm so excited.. And I just cant hide it... " - Pointer Sisters

This excitement comes in the form of two books that I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of on my front door step. Oh, how I do love amazon!!
Exhibit A:

So I cant help that I madly love Ann Brashares, Ms. Traveling Pants. But seriously, I do. The Last Summer (of You and Me) was really great, and 3 Willows was so well written, even if it was about middle school girls. Anyway, I'm psyched that I found this book so soon after it's release (Tuesday!).

Exhibit B:

Yeh yeh, leave me alone. Another YA, and Stephenie Meyer no less. Well, I'm excited to see what it's all about... plus the book was only like $7, and you cant get much better than a new release for cheap. Right? Forget the fact that you can read it online for free. I've got to have it in my hands in order to fully enjoy it. I don't like reading books online (ahem...midnight sun...)

I simply wish they would arrive in time for the weekend, because I'll actually have time to read! Next weekend is my lovely friends' wedding. Cant wait. Also excited that all of my bridesmaid days are occurring after my own wedding, if that isn't too snide of a thing to say. These friends are moving to Milwaukee! Leaving me behind. Boo hoo. Hopefully my dreams of moving to Savannah will come true, then I can leave home as well.

Any which way, I'll enjoy reading The Dark Tower this weekend. It's about darn time!

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  1. Don't forget to post a review!! ;)

  2. I love Amazon! Ha. I hope the books are great!

  3. Amazon is a dangerous place for me to visit.I spend way too much money there!
    Book reviews to follow. I'll put the tower on hold to get through these two.