Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm 25!!!

I had such a great time on Wednesday. It was probably one of the best, if not THE best, birthday I've ever had.

But can I just say that this is the first year I actually have felt older for my birthday? You know how people used to say, do you feel any older? Well no one asked me this year, but my answer would be yes. I feel like I'm getting old now. I'm getting to be an actual adult. There is just something different about 25, I feel like.
I'm not going to start about where I feel like I should be in life right now, though, because this is a happy post!

I took the day off, steven had no classes, so we went swimming with our friends at about 11 at their apartment's pool. The heat index was about 105 here and it was sweltering. The pool felt AMAZING. The water was the perfect temperature. And I got more tan. Yay!

Then, we ate lunch at Hibachi Factory.

Next, my mom and I got pedicures.

We went bowling for two games, then ate at one of my favorite restraunts in Knoxville, Louis'. They are amazing, and best known for their awesome spaghetti. Yum!!

My stepdad and mom made this centerpiece

They are so creative!

Following dinner, Steven and i went home until about 9, then we went out to see Knight and Day, which was a super cute movie.

That was the end of my birthday, and it was a great one!!!


  1. happy belated birthday! sounds like you had a great day :)

  2. Happy birthday. Sounds like a great one! Lovely blog!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. That sounds like a wonderful birthday!!

    Love your pedicure and I loved Knight & Day too!

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! I saw that movie too a couple of weeks ago! I loved it! :)

  5. 25 did feel different, I agree..and so does 26 :(

    But sounds like a perfect day! And I LOVE your pedicure ~ so cute!

  6. Happy belated birthday, looks like it was a great one!

  7. Thank you all very much!! It was a great day. :)