Saturday, September 18, 2010

improving my space

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Hello, my name is Holley, and I'm addicted to HGTV.

There. I said it. I have taken the first step, which is admitting the problem.
One problem that I have encountered as far as being so obsessed with this channel, is that I feel the need to have my home look like those on the shows. That requires more money than I have, and it makes me very frustrated.I look at my home and truely believe that I would be more relaxed here if my living area was more organized, not so drab looking, and more my style.

It's hard to "add a splash of color" when you aren't allowed to paint the walls. I want to add color, but not in a teen flamboyant way. My couches are tan, I have hardwood floors and all my furniture is mahogany. Brown, brown brown!! So my dilemma is to add color where I can without breaking the bank. I thought I was doing well with my blue pillows and rug, but guess what the accent color is on those? You guessed it- brown.

I'm thinking about refinishing some of my furniture to add that bit of color. But that takes time and I dont have much of that either.

I also need to de-clutter! I feel like I have sooo much stuff and not enough places to store it! No matter how much stuff I try to get rid of, it still feels like I have way too much. Maybe I do still have way too much stuff, but I seriously believe so much of it has to do with storage space- or lack of it. We live in an old home so we don't have too much storage space. It's terrible! I must accommodate for this, somehow.

If you have any tips or advice, I will surely welcome it! Is anyone else having this problem??


  1. SOOO excited that you stopped by :)

    Some of my favorite de-cluttering/organization tips are:

    Plastic storage containers! I use them for all my sons toys, and my misc. items. I store them on shelves in closets. I love that I can see whats in them, without pulling them all down!

    Shoe holders arent just for shoes! I use mine for my scarves, jewlery and perfume! I recently seen one used in a pantry to hold plastic baggies, tinfoil, etc.. I thought it was genius!

    Also make sure each piece in your home is functional! I stacked cute vintage luggage as both a cute "style" piece but also as a end table! Not only does it look great, but I store books in one, and picture in another! So its style, functional, and organizational! :))

    Hope some of these tips helP! BUT I really-really love brown! SO I would prob. love your house!

  2. Thank you for all the tips! I will definitely use this when I'm going through my house trying to determine what to keep and what to get rid of!
    Shoe holders.... hmm... may have to try that one out!!