Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving the spring!!

Spring has officially hit east Tennessee!! It's lovely. It is currently 80 degrees, there are boats on the water, and the bees are buzzing around. I love it!!

I've been so bad about not blogging lately! I don't know what has gotten into me!
Part of it might be because I've been such a slacker in life lately... I haven't been doing as well on my eating habits, I haven't gained any weight, I'm just not cooking new things or anything like that. Also, I haven't been exercising as much lately. So bad of me! I've got to get back on that.
I'm starting the couch to 5k tonight, so that will be fun... I hope... And I'm hoping it does good things for my weight loss. I've got 5 lbs to lose in 9 days. It's borderline do-able.
Tonight we are going to the grocery store, and I'm hoping to try out some recipes soon from the AHA cookbook.
One bit of good news, I suppose it's good news...
I got invited to interview for Georgia's Teaching Fellows program in Savannah. I applied on sort of a whim, but apparently they thought I was good enough to interview.
I am going to go ahead and interview for it, but taking the position will be a seriously hard decision. Seriously. It would involve moving away from Tennessee, and my husband, and being alone for a year (til Steven finishes school). I've lived on my own before, but never that far from home, and not since we've been married.
The program puts students into low income schools and pays for tuition to become a certified teacher in GA.
Any advice or suggestions about this potentially life changing decision?
I don't really know what to think...

In honor of a lovely life: Mr. Chris Cagle

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  1. Visiting from Mingle Monday...and I am so jealous that you have spring weather! I miss my East Tennessee springs (lived in Knoxville for 2 years). Enjoy! We got a foot of snow here in Wisconsin last week. Boo.