Monday, June 13, 2011

Philosopher for a Day... Maybe

I woke up in a very strange mood this morning.

It's not uncommon that I wake up in a bad mood, or a lazy mood, or just a 'blah' mood. A good mood is rare- generally if I am going to have a good mood day, I wake up in a pretty level headed mood.

This morning was weird. Apparently, reading Divergent lead me to have some very strange dreams. Even so, when I woke up this morning, the first comprehensible thought I had was "Why am I even here?" So I spent the remainder of my time getting ready, pondering the meaning of {Life, the Universe, and Everything!} and jokingly answering myself with "42", although I knew I needed something more substantial to actually answer my questions.

I have never woken up in such a mood before. I've never woken up and thought, truly, what is the point? Why are we here? Is there even a point? Why do we have to do boring things, day in and day out, if there really is no end result? Are we living for God? What does he want us to do? Be nice to each other? Why? (Not that being nice to each other is a bad thing, just more along the lines of, again, what is the point?) Are there, in the words of Jake Chambers, "...other worlds than these"?

I dont really know that there are any answers to my questions, and for all I know, tomorrow I wont even be thinking of these questions. But today, ah today, I will be searching for truth. What kind of truth, I have no idea, because obviously these are not the types of questions that actually have answers to them- at least, not readily available. Maybe I have to make up my own truth, maybe this is something I wont find by Googling, but by searching with in my own heart, my own mind, to find the answers I'm looking for.

And because I love eminem, check out his video with Royce!
Fast Lane- Bad Meets Evil

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