Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June!

It's officially June! The half-way month of the year. And I'm not where I wanted to be. So, I'm dubbing June the "Get Back on Track Month"!!!
You guys are going to have to help me hold myself accountable for my progress toward my goals. Here is what I'd like to accomplish in June.

*Lose 8-10 pounds (I've done it before and dammit I'll do it again.)
I plan to do this by restricting my calories and sodium intake, exercising every day, and eating good amounts of veggies and fruits. I did this the first 7 weeks I was trying to lose weight and definitely lost 15 pounds during that period of time. I've strayed from the path and now it's time to get back on it! Its not just about losing weight... it's about getting healthy and being more confident in myself. Lifestyle changes.

*Rewrite my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days
I mentioned this over on my other blog where I document my progress on my list, but I'm really thinking my current list is just not reflecting things I really want to do. I have been constantly editing it, but I've decided I might create either a revolving list, or a shorter one. Something like 27 by 27, or 30 by 30, etc.

*Get my office organized again!
A while back my lovely husband helped me get my office/ library organized. Then it got cluttered and became a catch-all of the house- anything that didnt have a home ended up on the floor. it isnt a room that gets used often, but it would be if i made it more homely. So I've been working on this. I went through the mail that needed to be filed, and that made a huge difference. Now I need to straighten up my lia sophia stuff and maybe put up some curtains that aren't ugly.

*Read 13 books (to help with my reading 111 books in '11)
I'm currently at 32 books read for the year, and goodreads is saying that I'm 14 books behind. I need to catch back up. Originally my goal was 50, and i knew I'd reach that so I doubled my goal. I could adjust it back down, but who really wants to do that?

*Acquire some cute new clothes to wear at work and not roast in the 90○ weather.
I've got some cute dresses that work well with this weather, but not very many. I don't have enough to really satisfy my needs, so I believe some sundress shopping at Kohl's or Penney's is in order.

*Maintain the non-clutter living room, dining room, and kitchen we finally achieved.
We cleaned up the main living area of house about a week ago, and surprisingly enough we've done well at keeping it up. We have a tendency to get lazy, and we've both been trying to do better at it. I'd like to expand this goal to include straightening the other rooms in the house as well... but that isn't really a getting back on track goal.

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  1. I keep telling myself I need to work on my 101 in 1001, there are definitely some things I need to change around.