27x27 and 30x30

Well I've decided I dont want to do the 101 in 1001 any more. My life is constantly changing, evolving, and it is rough to modify my goals to reflect that. So I'm going to have a 27 x 27 and a 30 x 30. These two lists will be substantially smaller than 101. Check them out below


~Read 75 of the 100 best novels listed here (40/75)

~Pay off my tuition (98/100%)

~Convince Steven to read/listen to 10 books (7/10)

~Lose 60 pounds (18/60)

~Write the first draft of a complete novel

~Research the history of my family. Make a family tree, trace my ancestry, look for famous people. Dont just use ancestry.com, use this as an excuse to talk to family members about what they know. Call around to find records, etc.

~Go to one place in the US I've never been.

~Get rid of 30 things a month from the house (totaling 300 items). Any thing I can't sell, I'll donate.

~Develop a healthy lifestyle. Get in the habit of being active every day, and eating better than I have been.

~Stop eating out so much. This will help save money and also help to lose the weight.

~Visit Mamaw & Papaw once a month. ♥

~Look into invisalign or some teeth straightener program

~Learn the Thriller dance

~Learn college math

Pay off my credit card debt

Have a baby

Determine a career path

Meet 5 family members I've never met before

Save $3000

These are previously completed goals from the 101 list.

☑Give 5 ‘just because’ gifts
☑Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
☑Make a wedding photo book for Steven's parents
☑Send Christmas cards to friends and family
☑Donate 10,000 grains of rice through FreeRice.com
☑Host at least 3 family or friend Game Nights/ Book Club meetings (3/3)
☑Write a letter to myself to open in 1001 days
☑Finish reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series(845/845 pages)
Read 50 new books in 2011 (67/50)
☑Participate in NaNoWriMo
☑Join or create a book and/or writing club
☑Make a custom recipe book from our favorite recipes
☑Decide what to go to graduate school for and apply
☑Get a big girl job
☑Take acting lessons
☑Cook meals 3x a week for a month
☑Attempt to rid myself of anger and/or see a therapist
☑Do a Zumba class
☑Find a workout regimen I like and stick with it for 30 days or 10 weeks (30/30)
☑Eat a good breakfast every day for a week
☑Drink 30 oz of water a day for three weeks
☑Complete the 200 squat challenge
☑Cut out fast food for one month
☑Spend more time outside
☑Visit Savannah and Tybee again
☑Order wedding prints and frame them
☑Make a photo album of honeymoon pictures
☑Listen to Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
☑Go camping with Steven
☑Get caught up on Degrassi
☑Get the RX-7 up and running
☑Play Guitar Hero
☑Pay off my car
☑Close all but two of our major credit cards, plus one departmental credit card
☑Use the waffle maker we got for our wedding
☑Use the crock pot for meals
☑Organize my DVD collection
☑Go through my clothes and get rid of 25 things I no longer wear
☑Go through the office and get rid of 25 things I no longer need