it's all in the details

I love to travel. I have not traveled many places, but hopefully that will be changing from now on.

My husband is awesome. He is in school right now working on his bachelor's degree, which feels like a never ending process, but in May 2012 he will FINALLY be done.

I'm super close with my mom, my stepdad might as well be my dad, and my mamaw is like a second mother to me.

I have a Nook Color, even though I protested e-readers up until I walked into B&N the day after Thanksgiving, then an hour later I walked out with one. How did that happen? Anyway, I love it. I love to read.

I started a book club with a small group of friends and I hope to keep it growing by inviting others who love to read to join us.

☆★NEW Goals & Reminders for a *BETTER* Life!☆★

*Find a way to incorporate my charitable spirit monthly, at least.
*Create a business plan for my future business
*Devote time to learning cost cutting ways to live
*Do nice things for others, even if I'm not close to them
*Work on my image. Even if I'm grumpy, I want to be considered loving and thoughtful
*Make a list of one thing that each member of my family needs that I can help with and pick one to do each month
*Take the time to really clean the house and make it sparkle as much as possible
*Be creative on ways to make the house seem homely using what we already have
*Make an effort to only buy things when we need them
*Make an effort to only go out to eat on special occasions or with friends now and then
*Be creative with new foods. Learn new or make new recipes to help make eating dinner at home as much fun as going out
*Come up with a sure fire way to use coupons and sales for groceries
*Reevaluate my priorities
*Become a gracious hostess
*After the initial cleaning, live in a way that unexpected guests won't see a disaster
*Seriously go by the cleaning chart
*Keep the way I look a priority. Even if I have weight to lose, that is no excuse to let myself go
*Never let my negative thoughts take over. If I am having a down day, take measures to cure it
*Take pride in everything I do. Even the smallest things are a reflection of myself
*Help Steven clean out his room, make it a place he feels comfortable studying and spending time in
*Work on making my library cozy again. Keep it cleaned and straightened
*Make the guest room more guest accessible
*Any time someone needs help, if I can help, volunteer to do so
*Make an effort to visit friends even if I have to go to them.
*Make some green lifestyle changes that actually are better for the environment and not a fad
*Go through my facebook friends and write something positive on someone's wall each day. If I cant do this for them, I will unfriend them.
*Throw out one unnecessary, cluttery item a day.