Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Monday!

stop comparing who you are
to who you want to be
let's step out beyond the surface
don't give in to everything
the world around you tells you to be
open up your mind, release your self...

Song of the Day: Beyond the Surface by Kutless
Thoughts of the day: feeling confident and happy. i think this week is going to be a great one!

Goals for the week:
Mail Hilary her requested catalogs this evening
Order some pieces out of the new lia catalog this evening
Plan our Christmas break vacation
Have a kick ass 25 birthday (Wednesday)
Rock my lia sophia show on Saturday
Clean up around the house a bit
Surprise Steven with something on Thursday and be ready for next Tuesday (our 4 years of being together anniversary)
Take lots of pictures to document!

Celebrating 25 amazing years of living
Re-meeting my husband on August 6th 2006, which transformed my life
Having an amazing family
New friends who make life so much fun
A vacation to look forward to!

What are your goals for this week, and what are you grateful for?
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  1. Hello from Meg's Mingle Monday!!! Your blog is so cute! :)


  2. Thanks for checking out my blog :)

    Your blog is super cute and I really like your list of goals for the week.

    MY goals are to walk my dog every day this week, finish all my launry, and hae some quality alone time.

    Im grateful for my awesome friends and boyfriend. Im also grateful for having a kick ass job :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by A Lily Life. I love the song a day. What a fun idea. I had to got check out the song.

  4. Happy early birthday!

    My goals for the week are pretty simple: read, sleep, cook, and love more!

  5. Yay!! Love your weekly goals! I accomp,ished the hosue clean-up yeasterday and it felt SO lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by Mingle Monday!! Can't wait to see which blogs you recommend!! :)


  6. I just LOVE how you use these song lyrics for your posts! One day I might just have to try it (if you don't mind). They say it's a compliment when someone wants to mimic your ideas! Haha! You have great goals set and are obviously thankful! Love that! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post today! So nice!