Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 05. Hopes!!

So many stormy nights, so many wrong or rights
Neither could change their headstrong ways
And in a lovers rage, they tore another page
The fighting is worth the love they save....

Song of the day: Who's Crying Now- Journey ♥
Current Mood: I'm feeling pretty poor today. Even though I get paid tomorrow. It's never ending.

Day 05 → Something you hope to do in your life.

I hope to get a little more financially stable.
I mean yeah, there are quite a few things I hope to do in my life, like travel to certain places, or get my master's degree. But right now this is on the forefront of my mind. I want to get to a point in my life where I dont have to worry about spending a little extra here and there.
Currently, we are living on my full time and my husband's part time job. We went from both of us working full time making a substantial amount with a small amount of bills, to now we are struggling to cover that same amount.
He graduates in a year and a half, so I'm counting the days until he gets a stable job in his field, or I get a better job than what I'm currently doing.
This situation makes me frustrated with many aspects of my life. It's hard to be happy when it feels like you are drowning in bills.
But I just keep swimming :) and we'll get there eventually.


  1. Girl-I know what you mean. When my hubby took his job we knew that I would not be able to work because of the rural location. We have since added all the bills that come from graduating from professional school-loans, rent, insurance, etc. I am so sick of living paycheck to paycheck. I have been frustrated lately, too, but I keep telling myself, "This, too shall pass." Praying that it will-for me and for everyone else in this situation. Choosing to focus on the blessings in my life right now :)

  2. Yah I hear you. <Money issues suck. Currently I am struggling to stick to a budget. You see I have always been on the less well off side so whenI do get my paychecks I want to go spend too much money because i can (well I think I can). I feel like so many years i wasnt able to get what i want/needed but I nbeed to stick to my budget. There have been several times in the past 2 years where my boyfriend would get laid off because he was working in a field where that happened a lot. Blah money problems suck!! Good luck with iut all

  3. I totally know how you feel - I was unemployed for 6 months and we nearly drowned. At least it felt like that. And we're still living pretty tight. I hate it.

    I hope things get better for both of us.

  4. Thanks ladies! Good to know I'm not alone in this. I hate this feeling so much, and I know it could be worse, but at the same time it could be a hell of a lot better.
    Part of me feels like there are things I can do to make it not feel so tight, but I just cant figure out how to do it. So I get really frustrated at myself.
    I hope all of you will get to experience ease soon... I think after you try so hard to keep your spending down, you deserve a break now and then!!