Friday, October 15, 2010

Half Full Friday

This is my first week participating in Half Full Friday with Life as Eye See It, who by the way has a totally cute layout for her blog. I saw this on Amy's Ha ha. Wait. What?. You should check them both out!

So here is my list for the week.

I am so happy that I'm taking the risk to follow my current dream of going to grad school. Although it's scary to take that chance of getting rejected (again), I've got to take it or I'll never know.

I'm happy that we have made a huge dent in our credit card debt. We've been living like poor kids, but I love it. We eat at home, which is great, and we are trying new foods and using some of the great wedding gifts we never touched before!

I'm happy about joining NaNoWriMo this year. I've been waiting a whole year to be able to do it, and I think it will be a ton of fun. I've been working on my character sketches and plot outline this week, gotta be ready for November 1... spitting out 1667 words a day is going to be a challenge!

I'm pretty happy about how my Banned Book poster turned out for the library. They asked me to do it last minute, so it could have been a disaster, but it's not! Yay.

I'm happy that my husband and I will get some time together this weekend. Saturday morning breakfasts are a tradition these days!

Have a great weekend every one!!

Only the young can say
They're free to fly away
Sharing the same desire
Burnin' like wildfire

Song of the day: Only the Young - Journey ♥
Current mood: happy :)


  1. hooray for weekends with the husband at home!! we LOVE our saturday morning breakfasts :) such a fun tradition!