Monday, April 11, 2011

Not So Bad, Afterall

I got really frustrated recently because I realized I haven't been checking out either of my lists to make sure I'm living the right way and accomplishing my goals. Last week went by SO-FAST with all the trips to the hospital and working, and normal daily life.

But then I realized that by spending all this time at the hospital, I was knocking a few of my Goals for a Better Life out of the park.

*Never let my negative thoughts take over. If I am having a down day, take measures to cure it
Why do we visit hospitals? To cheer up our loved ones who are in a rough way. I can't be having a negative day when I'm working hard to cheer someone else up! Success. Also, an effect that came from this unfortunate accident is the time for reflection on how lucky and blessed our friend is to have survived this thing with no permanent injuries, and that my life is something to be grateful for. Every day is absolutely a gift.

*Make an effort to visit friends even if I have to go to them.
Every day we visit him. At least once. And it's important. It's making a difference.

*Any time someone needs help, if I can help, volunteer to do so
Although our friend is not asking for help, and never asks for anything from us, I know that he values our being there. And I'm not volunteering it. I'm doing it. I'm not asking, hey can we come by? I'm stopping in. I'm making a point to help without being asked. Which I think was my point of this goal.

So way to go, Holley, on working to become a better person without consciously doing so.
This makes me feel a little bit more like I really am a good person deep down, a caring, considerate person, someone who gives without asking for anything in return. Which is my ultimate goal. To not become my father, someone selfish and apathetic, but someone better. And to shout out to the world that there are good people in this world, and dammit, I'm one of them!!

What have you done for someone else lately that you feel good about?

Song of the Day: Dead Wrong, The Fray
Current Mood: Charitable, thankful

I'm doing the best that I could
Trying my best to be understood
Maybe I'm changing slowly
I'd get out turn around if only I
Knew I was dead wrong all along...

Mingle 240


  1. It is important to visit people in the hospital, even when it's hard and awful. I've spent plenty of time visiting my dad and Grandpa in the hospital, so I can understand where you're comimg from. Keep it up! p.s. this is a Mingle Monday visit.

  2. I think that's wonderful! And those visits definitely help evoke the charitable, thankful emotions you're feeling today, I'm sure. :)

  3. wow, what great goals & questions for yourself!

  4. That's awesome, I need to do the same thing in my life :-)