Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Got some motivation!

It's been a while since I posted anything of any substance, I guess I've just been in a slump these days. Living in a mediocre way, which happens to all of us occasionally, I suppose. But I'm back again, raring to go, facing the world head on.
Two of my friends and I have joined together on a journey for healthy living and weight loss. We are all hoping to make some long term lifestyle changes. I personally made the following goals for this week:
*Exercise at least 30 minutes a day [I'm secretly pulling for a minimum of an hour, but I don't want to aim too high starting off]
*Drink 64oz of water a day
*Meet but not exceed my WW points daily [as long as I use them wisely, I can succeed at this!]
*Eat a salad every day [well I didn't succeed at this yesterday, but I did have some fruit, which is a good thing as well.]

Yesterday and today I've gotten up early to go walk my dog at the park. This morning it was actually very cool- upper 50s. It was a great relief from the 90 degree weather we've been having.

Next week I'll post my weight flux on Monday- here's hoping all this hard work pays off even just a little so I can stay motivated. I've found some really motivational tumblr accounts and love the little nuggets of inspiration I see every day, encouraging me to keep going! Here's a few i love!