Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Staying on Track

I'm trying not to get discouraged by the fact that a friend of mine is losing weight so much faster than me. Her progress is awesome! I feel like I'm working really hard so I'm not really sure. I know its not a race, but I am just hoping to see results more than what I've been seeing.
I meant to measure myself last night, but forgot, of course.
I'm wondering how much of it is because I haven't been drinking as much water lately. Guess I'll start doing that again to try to make a difference. My Weight Watchers weigh in is tomorrow morning, and I am hoping to see some results. I'd like to lost 2lbs over the next week so I've got to keep an eye on what I'm eating. I learned this week that just one day can through me off track, unfortunately.
Enough with the Negativity right?? Lets be positive.
Last night I worked out for just under an hour and a half. It's amazing how quickly time goes by at the gym! Its weird. I've been wanting to run outside but it's just been so hot here lately, I'd have to be running after dark and i dont really want to do that. So we go to 'The Rush' (our gym) at like 8 and work out for a while. I've been doing about half an hour cardio, half an hour strength. Tonight is Zumba! I'm looking forward to the class I think. Last week my friend came with me, but tonight she wont be able to make it.
Working out really puts me in a great mood all day long. I really like it. I've been wanting to get up early and do pilates in the morning but I've not been sleeping well so I just haven't had the energy to get up any earlier. Hopefully soon.

What does your exercise/workout schedule look like? Do you even have one?

Tunes I was jammin to last night during my workout:
Starrstruck - 3Oh!3
Boom Boom Pow - BEP
When I Grow Up - PCD
Goodies - Ciera
Sexyback - JT


  1. There are additionally some core workouts that target the decrease body. When performing these workout routines, several areas of the physique are labored altogether making it an efficient method to work out.

  2. we didn't have one until REALLY recently...now we're hitting the gym four-five times a week and it's a blast now...the difference for me was lifting weights + a little bit of cardio vs. just 45 minutes of boring, long-ass jogging or walking. i think just finding a routine and a time that works for you is key.