Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's time to pinch pennies

Well the school year is upon us, and we've gone back into money saving mode, with Steven being in school and not working, my measly paycheck is trying to keep us afloat. So I'm trying to come up with a few ways to save money that work with our lifestyle, whether it be cutting back, eliminating, or taking advantage of something. If you have any suggestions or comments, they are greatly appreciated!

~We are getting a good deal on rent, ok, maybe it's like the best deal ever, because we dont pay much at all, and we could not get a nice apartment for even twice what we pay. So. We are good there.

~Take advantage of the library! Any books I want to own, I can just make a list. 

~Any favorite recipes we have at restaurants we should try to replicate at home where it is cheaper, and healthier!

~Start really using coupons and watching the ads. Buy what is on sale.

~ Dont use AC or heat unless necessary! Avoid $300 electric bills before they happen!

~We've already cut back to basic cable and internet. I dont think we can scrape off any more there. 

~Unfortunately we are big phone whores, so I'm not sure that we can shave any off there. 

~Stop eating out! Duh! But it's pretty hard for us to stick with that. We like to go out to eat. We like to enjoy the atmosphere, and the food. But it's hard on our budget.

~Find free or cheap ways to hang out outside the house, like at the park, or something like that. 

~Scout out the cheapest gas in our area each time we need gas. Only buy the cheapest gas. Our car only takes premium so this is a challenge!

Ok thats all i've got for now. Hopefully I'll follow up soon with more ideas :)

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